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A few snippets from some of the dinner salons that happened along the road to stretcher. The salon is conceived as a casual, hour-long dinner and selected topic discussion featuring 5 or 6 guests. Initially still images would be accompanied by sound files or text with the long term plan for the salon to be webcast live and available via archive.

Beta Salon in Los Angeles over bife de chorizo (al punto), chimichurri, frites and salad ala LaLa at the garden of LaLas
Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles, June 2000

(Ken Fandell) Is it going to have an international flair?

(Lorelei Stewart) Where did that come from?

(Amy Berk) Stretcher will be San Francisco based but international in flavor.



Stretcher editorial policy salon
Veggie burgers, oven fries, homemade cole slaw
67 — 29th Street, San Francisco
August 2000

(David Lawrence) Amy, this cole slaw rocks.

(Amy Berk) Thanks Dave. Are we going to do everything collaboratively or are we going to have more defined roles?

(Glen Helfand) It seems more manageable to do it that way where people are developing certain areas and then reconvene and talk about it.

(Ella Delaney) I think we should all figure out the bigger essays and what the theme of the issue will be.

(Amy Berk) So we would have an editorial session then everyone goes out and implements the plan.




Stretcher editorial discussion over tofu sandwiches at the Atlas Café
Mission District, San Francisco
September 2000

(Amy Berk) Our dinner salons could be our editorial discussion — they could be what outlines what happens in the rest of the magazine and the ideas behind it. The idea of some kind of editorial note is so boring, but we need to have that voice but how are we going to get that? This is a chance to do it.

(Glen Helfand) I like that idea, but do you think it needs to be edited, who would want to listen to the whole thing?

(David Lawrence) Oh yeah.
(much laughter)

(Ella Delaney) But, it’s about the process really, the questions we are asking ourselves and each other, grasping for solutions.


The making of stretcher
(a very rough chronology)
compiled by Amy Berk

Amy Berk is a founding member of stretcher. She is an artist, writer and educator in San Francisco about to embark on a residency in New Zealand and beyond.